The top altcoins continue to follow Bitcoin bearish and bullish trends and none of them look to be breaking out from this trend any time soon.

Bearish BTC continues to bring all coins down

There’s no doubt that there’s not a single alt coin that can shake off the Bitcoin fall, but more to the point, what is going to save Btc and help the next price surge?

Upcoming BTC events

Over the past year, due to network sluggishness, and more to the point, the astronomical price of transactions, people that hold Btc are becoming restless with how Bitcoin is now being portrayed as a ‘storage of value’, which is humorous, of course, as it was never intended to be that, however, it is understandable why the Btc community are now portraying it as just that. Gone are the days of being able to use Btc as a means of payments!

So, what’s going to save the price? We honestly cannot see anything that will. With more people understanding, perhaps, that the real value in Btc has long gone (earlier speculators on the price), we can’t see any future in Btc – not short term at least.

Furthermore, with mining costs going through the roof and now coming to the same cost as the electric bill for an average American household, this is by far, not the greenest of coins, but maybe there’s one last saviour for Btc; once all coins have been mined – scarcity may trigger an upturn in price, but we’ll discuss this in another article later on in the week. is not responsible for the article’s content or accuracy and may not share the author’s views. News and research are not personal recommendations to deal. All investments can fall in value so you could get back less than you invest. 

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An Open Letter to the Crypto Community

With the first half of the year behind us, none of us want to see the last half of the year to be as bearish, and while we see the first week of July to be a short upwards trend, the next plummet will be hear soon enough.

However, that’s the thing about this game right now – don’t be disheartened by the relentless bearish trend, stop looking at minute, hourly, daily and even weekly trends – start looking to the future. Likewise, stop looking to glimmers of hope from the likes of ‘BearableGuy123’, Alex Cobb and 101 other Youtubers that promise fortunes beyond your wildest dreams, just around the corner.

In down trends of past, current and the future, remember one thing when you feel like throwing in the towel; does the blockchain/crypto you’ve invested in solve a real world problem? Could the crypto last, even if it wasn’t possible to invest in it, i.e., the coin or token can stand on its own two feet by providing a genuine service? IF you can’t answer those two questions with a ‘yes’, then perhaps long-term, past the next bull trend, just maybe, that coin/token longevity is quite short.

If you answered ‘yes’ to both questions – keep that in mind the next to you think about selling your positions in coin/token x, y or z – don’t let the bears scare you off and likewise, don’t get disheartened by Youtubers that keep promising the world; just remember that history has shown us more often than not that if there’s a REAL user case, the service or product will probably survive, as long as there is still a requirement for it.


Disclaimer: the writer of this article is an investor in certain coins and token. You must not rely on this article or construed it as financial advice. Before making financial decisions, we recommend you should always consult a financial planner to take in to account your particular investment objectives, financial situation and needs.