Chainium announces Global Partnership with Lexit.

Chainium is built to connect businesses directly to investors and simplify the trading of shares. Its solutions have been designed to help large enterprises and SMEs alike.


Chainium (recently featured in Forbes and the Ft Adviser) are truly representative of the potential inherent in blockchain technology to revolutionise legacy markets. It’s no secret that access to equity markets is … Read the rest


Prandex, the Indian Crypto Exchange Platform, This Month Officially Went Global

India, June 1, 2018: Prandex, a fast-growing cryptocurrency exchange based out of India, this week excitedly announced that their platform has gone from regional to global.

Presently, Prandex offers 50 high market cap coins with 100 crypto- crypto trading pairs under BTC, ETH, and USDT markets boasting high liquidity, making it a lucrative platform for potential investors. In the next … Read the rest


Cinematix Announces Profit-sharing Filmmaking Platform ICO At Consensus 2018

The Cinematix platform is a tool that will be used to collect funds for movie making. Film industry professionals will be able to showcase their ideas and collect funds for those chosen by platform users. The users backing an idea will benefit from the use of exclusive rights to the film once it has been shot. Participants can form their Read the rest


How to Find a Job: Blockchain Vs Social Networks

Most employers and recruitment agencies today are using social media to source the right candidates, which means that people usually choose it as the part of their job search strategy. According to the Undercover Recruiter, 1 in 4 ‘super social seekers’ successfully network through Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. According to a 2017 CareerBuilder survey, 70 percent of employers Read the rest


Introducing idap.io: Transforming Crypto Asset Market

idap.io is an upcoming International Digital Asset Platform(IDAP), where one can access the diverse trading and investment instruments to participate in the ever-growing cryptocurrency market.

The design of IDAP platform is an innovative blend of the best practices of traditional financial exchanges and the opportunities available in the burgeoning crypto market. The platform aims to resolve the existing challenges and … Read the rest


How the Blockchain is Changing the Financial Industry?

Thanks to the avant-garde technology of the blockchain, it is expected to revolutionize the entire world and not just the financial industry. The blockchain was first introduced in the financial sector, in the form of a crypto-giant application called Bitcoin and ever since its accouchement, it is changing the financial industry.

There are series of problems in the current monetary … Read the rest


Portfolio App MyCrypto hits the records in AppStore

Cryptocurrency is the most discussable topic right now, governments of different countries try to invent new regulation, investors are investing their money, buying new altcoins and keeping an eye on traditional bitcoin. It’s hard to imagine a person, who is not aware of new financial trend, and even Wall Street companies have started doing bitcoin trading.… Read the rest