Ripple Labs Q4 Report, 2017 – The Detail (Released January 2018)

UPDATE: As expected, Q4 report has now been released. View our commentary post Q4 2017 report going live.

The below is our original speculation on what could come from Q4 Report.

The Ripple Labs Q4 Report release from year ending 2017 is imminent. We’re going to update this page with the latest outcomes as soon as we know, breaking … Read the rest


The Ripple Effect – (Example; Moneygram – HD Bank Vietnam)

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; the team behind Ripple Labs are excellent product specialist and above all, from the outside looking in, look to be brilliant chess players (strategists).

On social media and then typically echoed again by the press (some silo desk typing monkey), XRP is “a sh*t coin”, “it’s  centralised”, “it works for the … Read the rest